This is the second of eight in a series titled 8 Must Haves for the IT Director

Number 2 – Storage Virtualization

The term “virtual storage” has about as many definitions as there are vendors that provide it. In it’s most basic form, Compellent Storage Virtualization means that logical disk volumes are not directly associated with physical disk devices. A single volume, for example, might be spread across many physical drive types and raid levels.

Here’s Compellent’s overview:

Dell Compellent virtualizes enterprise storage at the disk level, creating a dynamic pool of shared storage resources available to all servers. With read/write operations spread across all drives, multiple requests can be processed in parallel, boosting system performance. Dell Compellent Storage Virtualization allows users to create hundreds of volumes in seconds to support any virtual server platform and optimize the placement of virtual applications.

How to Increase Performance with Storage Virtualization

  • Create any size virtual volumes without allocating drives to specific servers or dealing with complicated capacity planning and performance tuning
  • Present network storage to servers simply as disk capacity, regardless of tier, RAID level or server connectivity
  • Automatically restripe data across all drives in the storage pool when adding disk capacity
  • Dynamically scale the storage pool and implement system upgrades without disruption
  • Use virtual ports to increase port capacity, disk bandwidth, I/O connectivity and port failover

While these are certainly all important bullets, I’d like to add my own from a “benefit” perspective. For an IT administrator, Compellent Storage Virtualization:

  • Eliminates “hot spots” because individual drives are not target for specific apps
  • Improves performance by utilizing all spindles available; gets faster as it gets larger.

Next up in our 8 Must Have series is #3, Thin Provisioning.

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