This is the sixth of eight in a series titled 8 Must Haves for the IT Director

Number 6 – Thin Replication

Never Over Provision Storage Again

Due to the high costs and complexity traditionally associated with off-site backup strategies, remote
replication continues to be a low priority for many organizations. That’s because replicating data
between locations typically requires identical site configurations and expensive, high-speed data links.
And even then replication can be slow and unreliable, especially when the process requires the transfer
of full-volume clones.

Dell Compellent Thin Replication™ technology, Remote Instant Replay, provides affordable, verifiable
and simplified multi-site data protection leveraging space-efficient Replays. Following initial site
synchronization, only incremental changes in data need to be replicated. This cuts hardware costs,
reduces bandwidth requirements and significantly expedites recovery. Dell Compellent storage can
maintain unlimited high number of Replays without affecting system performance, and the Replays can
easily be mapped to any server for near instant recovery to any point in time.

Since Dell Compellent storage intelligently transfers only changed blocks of data, bandwidth utilization
is optimized, reducing the need for high-speed connections. Built-in bandwidth simulation and shaping
further streamline the process. Transfer rates can be customized based on link speed, time of day and
replication priority.

Another advantage of Thin Replication is that it doesn’t require identical system configurations at each
site. That gives you the flexibility to choose lower-cost SAS or SATA drives for remote sites. To further
maximize efficiencies, Dell Compellent storage features a built-in Fibre Channel-to-iSCSI converter,
enabling administrators to replicate data natively over existing IP networks. Users can also expedite
initial replication synchronization using Portable Volume, secure enterprise-class external hard drives
preconfigured for use with Dell Compellent storage.

Next up in our 8 Must Have series is #7, Intuitive GUI.

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