This is the eighth of eight in a series titled 8 Must Haves for the IT Director

Number 8 – Compellent Scale On Demand with an Open, Agile Platform

Unlike systems that require you to rip and replace hardware as your business needs change, Dell
Compellent supports the continual adoption of new technologies on a single, modular platform. This is
a major departure from the status quo, which imposes artificial restrictions on everything from drive
type to server interconnect. Simply put, most storage systems are designed for early obsolescence,
forcing organizations into costly forklift upgrades.

Dell Compellent storage is designed for persistence. Administrators can scale from entry-level to
enterprise on the same platform (from 2 TB to 1,000 TB in the same system) incrementally in line with
business needs. They can also deploy any combination of FC and iSCSI server interfaces, as well as mix
and match SSD, FC, SAS and SATA drives in the same system. Even SAS drives with varying capacities
and rotational speeds can be used in the same enclosures. You can seamlessly adopt new and emerging
technologies on the fly as they become available. And upgrades, port modifications and other changes
in configuration can be implemented on demand without disruption.

Dell Compellent storage also features fully redundant hardware and advanced failover capabilities.
Clustered controllers, each with redundant fans and power supplies, operate in unison for optimum
system performance. Yet each controller connects to enclosures and drives independently to ensure no
single point of failure. Controller port virtualization and dual paths from servers to disk drives also
enhance availability, with built-in multi-path I/O failover eliminating the need for custom software.
With Dell Compellent, you have the freedom to choose the technologies that support your IT
infrastructure today and readily adapt to change tomorrow – all without disruption. And you don’t have
to repurchase your base software license when you upgrade controllers to integrate new technologies.

That’s it! We hope you’ve enjoyed the series!

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